UltraBoard 960

The UltraBoard 960 Compact Standard is an ergonomic compact keyboard for users  who value ergonomics and functionality and prefer to work with a numerical keypad.  The UltraBoard Full is designed to be more compact than traditional keyboards with its ergonomic compact layout and reduced width.  A reduced width design brings the mouse closer to the keyboard which helps minimise the need for over-reaching.

In addition to its ergonomic features, the UltraBoard 960 also boasts impressive technical specifications with the inclusion of two USB ports adding versatility, to allow you to connect additional devices directly to your keyboard. The multimedia keys and hot keys provide quick and easy access to commonly used functions, enhancing productivity.

The UltraBoard 960 is a full featured keyboard that is 80mm narrower than a full sized keyboard, for a comfortable and ergonomic way of working.

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  • Compact Design: The UltraBoard 960 is 80mm narrower than a standard keyboard, making it space-saving and ergonomic. It seamlessly integrates a numeric keypad for efficient data entry.
  • Key Shape and Contrast: The keys have a concave shape, conforming comfortably to your fingertips. The white keys with dark letters provide excellent contrast for readability.
  • Two USB Ports: Conveniently connect other devices.
  • Plug & Play: Simply plug it in and start typing.
  • Adjustable Feet: Customise the keyboard angle for optimal comfort.Wi
UltraBoard 960
UltraBoard 960


  • Width: 363 mm
  • Depth: 146 mm
  • Height: 19 mm
  • Weight: 600 grams
  • Connection: Wired, via 1.55m USB-A Cable
  • Integrated USB ports x 2
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows


The UltraBoard 960 has a fully featured numerical keypad, which is clearly separated from the letter area.   The carefully designed layout reduces the footprint of the UltraBoard 960, saving space and improving ergonomics, without compromising on functions and efficiencies.


The UltraBoard 960 is ideal for fixed workstations, mobile and flex-work. Due to its compact size and light weight, it fits perfectly in a laptop bag. The Plug & Play driver and 155cm USB cable ensure that the UltraBoard 960, can be put into operation immediately. The UltraBoard 960 is compatible with Windows.

UltraBoard 960

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