Ergoapt Roam Laptop Stand

Compact & lightweight, the Ergoapt Roam Laptop Stand is the ideal travel companion. The unit folds flat when not in use and is constructed of aluminium, ensuring durability and stability without adding additional weight when travelling. Allowing you to work comfortably wherever you are. 

Featuring rubber pads on both the base and shelf ensuring a non-slip platform for both the unit and also the laptop it supports. 

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  • 8 Levels of adjustment – angle range of 18° to 45°
  • Height Range of 105 to 175 mm when set up
  • Compact & Lightweight 
  • Aluminium construction
  • Non slip rubber pads on the base and shelf 
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Pairs perfectly with the Ergoapt Compact Keyboard
Ergoapt Roam Laptop Stand
Ergoapt Roam Laptop Stand


  • Flat dimensions: 
  • Length: 332 mm
  • Width: 236 mm
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Height adjustment range of 100mm
  • Laptop maximum weight 4 kg
  • Silver
  • Product weight: 0.35 kg


Using the Ergoapt Roam Stand in conjunction with an external keyboard & mouse allows for an ergonomic setup wherever you may be. The Ergoapt’s 8 levels of angle adjustment allows the user to adjust the height, distance and angle of the laptop screen, reducing neck strain and improving posture for individual statures and makeshift workstations. The Ergoapt Roam Stand pairs perfectly with the Ergoapt Compact Keyboard

Ergoapt Roam Laptop Stand
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