Therapod Xc



Therapod® Xc is the compact addition to the Therapod X Seating collection.

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  • Therapod® Sense Back Fit Technology
  • BIO™ Seat Technology
  • Designer Synchronised Mechanism with intuitive automatic weight adjustment
  • Compact ergonomic office chair
  • Seat Slide Depth Control adjustment by 60mm
  • 3D Adjustable Ergonomic Armrests; Height & Width adjustable with a broad soft pad and slider for back and forth motion.
  • Two phase adjustable gas lift
  • Quality European style stitching
  • Upholstered in a plush Italian wool
  • Multifunction castors for hard or carpeted surfaces
  • Polished base
  • EU Option only: front angle adjustment

SAM technology and designs are protected by:
PATENTS:  2018903397, 2018903422, US8,622.472B2
DESIGNS:  US No: 29/664,388 EU 005676004
therapod seating; therapod x compact
therapod seating; therapod x compact


  • Back Height Adjustment: 80 mm
  • Back - Width: 420 mm
  • Back - Height: 500 mm
  • Seat - Depth: 450 - 510 mm
  • Seat - Height: 460 - 600 mm
  • Seat Dimensions: 450 D x 490 W mm
  • Seat Slide Adjustment: 60 mm
  • Arm Height Adjustment: 180 – 280 mm (from top of seat)
  • Two Phase Gas Lift
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 125 kgs
  • Warranty: 15 years


Therapod® Xc incorporates our patented Sense Back Fit and Bio™ back and seat technologies to give high levels of support in a back which autonomously adjusts to most users and a seat that redistributes pressure.  The end result is a modulated supportive office chair for the user that also promotes movement whilst seated.


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therapod seating; therapod x compact



3-D controllers are built into the Therapod X during production. It creates a dynamic 3-D support structure. 

This autonomously adjusts to most users back shape. It modulates the support according to the pressure placed on the back by the user. 

This eliminates the need for adjusting the back fit manually.   

Patent No:  2018903397


The Bio seat provides pelvic support and stabilisation. It is engineered to redistribute pressure in a controlled manner through its patented technology whilst supporting the pelvis and not allowing it to “bottom out” on the seat.

Patent No:  2018903422
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