Tempur Symphony

The Tempur Symphony constructed of a new, softer TEMPUR® Material formula harmonises perfectly with its unique dual sided design to provide a soft, yet supportive pillow to fit any sleeping position.


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  • Removable washable soft velour cover
  • Medium Firm Feel
  • Allergy free
  • Suitable for side and/or back sleepers
  • Traditional shape
  • Dual sided design
  • 3 Sizes available 
Tempur Symphony Pillow
Tempur Symphony Pillow


  • Small, Medium & Large Sizes
    • Width: 630 mm
    • Depth: 430 mm
    • Height X-Small: 95 mm
    • Height Small: 110 mm
    • Height Medium: 125 mm
    • Height Large: 140 mm
  • Guarantee: 3 years


The Tempur Symphony can be used on both sides. It provides extra comfort yet secures excellent support for your head and neck in any sleeping position.  The pillow has a traditional shape, carefully designed to reduce pressure that can restrict blood flow, cause pain, and disrupt sleep.  Dual sided - The Symphony Pillow by Tempur can be used on both sides. One side for additional support and the other side for a more traditional pillow feel that works well for those who sleep on their side.

Tempur Symphony Pillow

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