Tempur Seat Wedge

The Tempur Seat Wedge is made from NASA developed pressure relieving material which helps with alleviate strain on the back. Due to its shape, the seat wedge pushes the pelvis forward, which helps bring your back to an upright posture.

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  • Adds support to sagging car or chair seats
  • Wedged surface
  • Improved positioning & stability
  • Portable
  • Temperature sensitive visco elastic material
  • Responds to Users Body Shape
  • Removable cover for easy washing
Tempur Seat Wedge
Tempur Seat Wedge


  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Depth: 400 mm
  • Height:
    • 10 mm (Front)
    • 90 mm (Back)
  • Width: 400 mm


The Tempur Seat Wedge is constructed of a high quality visco-elastic, temperature sensitive open cell material which has unique pressure relieving qualities. That was originally developed by NASA to support astronauts during lift-off.  Unlike ordinary polyurethane which features irregular cell shapes that simply compress underweight and degenerate over a short period of time, the TEMPUR Pressure Relieving Material is composed of billions of visco-elastic spherical shaped, open cells. The cells respond to body temperature and weight then shift and reorganise their position to mould to the exact contours of the patient’s body.

Tempur Seat Wedge
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