The MaxiShift  now comes in both the MaxiShift X and MaxiShift Lite versions.  The Maxishift is a versatile height adjustable module that can be easily placed on your existing worktop instantly transforming it into an ergonomic Sit Stand workstation.  Available in two versions, the MaxiShift-X with an Electric operation and is suitable for all height ranges whereas the MaxiShift Lite has either an electric or manual gas lift operation and is suitable for people up to a height of 5’10” (175cm).

Product Option :

Electric Unavailable
Electric Lite Unavailable
Manual Lite Unavailable

Monitor Arm Option:

Without Arm Unavailable
Single Arm Unavailable
Dual Arm Unavailable

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  • Straight up and down design
  • Easy Up/Down button for effortless adjustment
  • 12 watt fast charging USB A/c charging ports on controller
  • Easy tension adjustment for optimum use
  • Takes Flo or E-Value monitor arm easily
  • Will stop at any height the user requires
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Built in cable management
  • 2 versions available - MaxiShift-X (Electric only) MaxiShift-Lite (has a smaller surface area) 
Maxishift X electric
e series maxishift manual


  • Work Surface dimensions:   900 x 530 mm at sides
  • Keyboard tray dimensions:   680 x 265 mm
  • Keyboard tray adjustment +/- 85 mm
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • MaxiShift-X (Electric Only)
    • Max Weight: 45 kg 
    • USB A/c 12watt fast charging ports
    • Footprint size: 900 x 640 mm
    • Height range - Worksurface:  160 – 595 mm 
    • Height range - Keyboard tray: 17 – 467 mm 
  • MaxiShift-Lite Electric
    • Max Weight: 20 kg 
    • Footprint size: 790 x 465mm
    • Height range - Worksurface:  150 – 475 mm  
    • Height range - Keyboard tray:  17 – 342 mm 
  • MaxiShift-Lite Manual
    • Max Weight: 15 kg 
    • Footprint size: 790 x 500mm
    • Height range - Worksurface:  145 – 450 mm  
    • Height range - Keyboard tray:  17 – 322 mm 


The MaxiShift suits any desktop. Screens can be placed at the correct distance on the generous worktop and adjustable keyboard tray. A single or dual monitor arm can also be attached to the back allowing for more desktop space and versatility. The MaxiShift X will suit users with almost any height and screen configuration, whereas the MaxiShift Lite really suits users up to 5’10” (175cm).

Maxishift X electric

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