Anatome Posture Machine Footrest

The Anatome Posture Machine Footrest is an engineered ergonomic footrest that ensures correct posture whilst working. The Anatome Posture Machine now comes in a stylish and elegant matte black finish.

We built the Anatome Posture Machine so you could experience the full benefits of dynamic movement – from head to foot, while sitting.  The Posture Machine ergonomic footrest places you in the optimal 105+ degrees of recline to reduce pressure on the spine. The Anatome Posture Machine also has dynamic movement features to complement correct posture whilst sitting in your chair to optimise functionality.


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  • Australian engineered ergonomic footrest
  • Sleek elegant matte black finish
  • Ensures correct ergonomic posture whilst working
  • Independent height and angle adjustments
  • Simple height adjustment 
  • Controlled dynamic angle adjustability +/- 0 to 20 degrees 
  • Hard wearing and easy clean
  • Powdercoated metal platform with non-slip anti-static PU surface
  • Powdercoated metal base with non-slip, anti-static & non-scratch feet
  • Heavy duty steel construction
Sit and Move Footrest; SAM Footrest; ergonomic adjustable footrest
Sit and Move Footrest; SAM Footrest; ergonomic adjustable footrest


  • Depth: 330 mm
  • Width: 460 mm
  • Height Range:
    • 70 – 145 mm
    • 90 – 165 mm
  • Angle adjustment: +/- 0 to 20 degrees
  • Product Weight: 3.6 kgs
  • Shipping Weight: 4.3 kgs
  • Warranty: 2 years


The Posture Machine footrest is modern and stylish and is available in an elegant matte black finish.  The Anatome Posture Machine ergonomic footrest is height adjustable and has been engineered in steel for strength and durability. The Posture Machine ergonomic footrest’s appearance is deceptive as it is made of high grade steel with linear and curved surfaces. It complements and represents SAM chair engineering and design.

The resting platform of the Anatome Posture Machine ergonomic footrest is hardwearing and has a comfortable surface which is anti-static.  It cleans easily with a wet cloth. The Posture Machine ergonomic footrest is height adjustable and its dynamic movement adjustments are user friendly. 

There are 4 hardwearing non-slip and non-scratch feet to ensure it stays in place for years. Made by Sit And Move the Anatome Posture Machine is fully recyclable.

Sit and Move Footrest; SAM Footrest; ergonomic adjustable footrest
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