Ergonomic Gooseneck Document Holder

This Ergonomic Gooseneck Document holder is a versatile solution for placing documents in a comfortable viewing position while using a computer where there is limited space.  It comes with a sturdy clamp attachment that can be attached to most work spaces.

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  • Two adjustable securing clips
  • Clamp attachment gooseneck
  • Holds multiple sheets
  • Flexible, sturdy gooseneck with long reach
  • Saves stress on your neck when viewing documents while computing
  • Colour: Black
Gooseneck Document Holder
Gooseneck Document Holder


  • Neck length: 550 mm
  • Tray Size: 300 wide x 225 high mm
  • 30mm lip on tray
  • 5-55 mm clamp attachment
  • One year warranty


The flexible and sturdy gooseneck will stay in the desired position without the need to re-adjust.  The ergonomic gooseneck document holder is strong enough to hold multiple sheets easily with its securing clips.

Gooseneck Document Holder

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