Companion Bed - Impulse 400 low to floor bed & Gala

The Impulse 400 & Gala Companion Bed offer a unique sleep solution for two individuals where one requires additional home care support. The Impulse 400 side mirrors its individual counterpart, providing comprehensive care features, whilst quickly detaching for easy assistance from caregivers. Meanwhile, the Gala side provides basic electric adjustments aligning perfectly with the Impulse 400, allowing for closeness during sleep. This thoughtful design caters to individual needs within a shared space, promoting both comfort and security.

Bed Options :

No Rails Unavailable
1 Split Rail Unavailable
2 Split Rails (One Side Only) Unavailable

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  • Impulse 400
    • 4 Way electric adjustable mesh decking Bed Base, for good air circulation and removeable for cleaning purposes
    • Mattress compensation / auto regression technology to eliminate sheering and friction
    • Auto contouring function
    • Extra foot section manual 10 position adjustability
    • Wall hugging high/low mobilising function
    • High/Low variation – 25cm low level care-bed for fall prevention up to 82cm (without mattress) adjustment height level for carer access requirements
    • 150mm under bed clearance
    • Trendelenburg forward and reverse tilt
    • Pre-set hand control comfort position
    • Pre-set hoist & comfort position
    • Lockable hand control – and backlit for night-time use
    • Low-voltage system with separated transformer plug for increased safety for occupants and care staff
    • Duo locking function – cylinder covered 50mm double castors
    • 150mm underbed clearance
    • Pre-installed fittings for battery backup / light fixture / self-help pole / IV pole etc.
    • Compatible with specialist mattress systems
    • Fold down split mobilising side rails (GS) or full continuous length rails – bed can have no rails or any number 1-4 split rails or a combination of split and continuous long rails
    • Impulse surround design and colour- Load capacity 225kgs.
  • Gala
    • 4 Way Electric Adjustable base
    • Reclining Surface – Flexible beech wood slats (Single size) or mesh decking (King Single) for good air circulation
    • Height adjustable legs
    • Robust chassis
    • Safe working load of 180kg
  • Companion Bed surround and Bed Head – choose from a large range of high-quality fabrics at no extra cost. Or a wood timber surround to match your existing furniture.
  • Please click here to enquire about the various customisations available on this product.



  • Impulse Sizes:
    • Single (2000 x 900 mm)
    • King Single (2000 x 1070 mm)
  • 25cm low position
  • Working height up to 82cm
  • 150mm under bed clearance
  • Integrated bed extension (optional extra)
  • Optimal mounting by using the transfer position
  • Four-section reclining surface
  • Mattress regression to reduce friction and sheering
  • Extra foot section manual 10 position adjustability
  • Automatic comfort seating mechanism
  • Duo locking function – cylinder covered 50mm double castors
  • Compatible with specialist mattress systems
  • Safe working load of 225 kg
  • Gala Sizes:
    • Single (2000 x 900 mm)
    • King Single (2000 x 1070 mm)
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Robust chassis
  • Safe working load of 180kg


  • DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 A/C 2018 – Medical devices – Quality management systems – Requirements for regulatory purposes (ISO 13485:2016)
  • DIN EN 1970:2000 + A1:2007 – Adjustable beds for disabled persons
  • DIN EN 60601-2-52:2010 – Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of electrically operated medical beds

The specified products were developed, manufactured and tested on the basis of the management system in accordance with:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate no. 73 100 1297
  • DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 certificate no. 73 104 1297


The Impulse 400 low care beds are equipped with a superior range of basic features during the manufacturing process, from a comfort seat positioning and mobilising side rail to the transfer position, which facilitates patients’ mounting and dismounting at an optimised seating height.  

As well as backrest and knee break, the Impulse 400 has Trendelenburg functions both in a forward and reverse direction.


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