Naturelle Latex Travel Pillow

Compact & comfortable the Naturelle latex travel pillow isn’t a miniature pillow. At half the width of a normal pillow you get all the support of a full size pillow packed into a convenient easy to travel size.  Its therapeutic design is gently contoured and has a soft yet wonderfully supportive feel.


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  • 100% Natural Latex. 
  • Anti-bacterial mould and dust free
  • Three different sizes
  • Therapeutic design with gentle contour for superior support
  • Cover Inner: 100% cotton jersey
  • Cover Outer: 70% cotton/30% polyester
  • Latex is naturally Bio-degradable, renewable and sustainable resource. 
Naturelle Latex Travel Pillow
Naturelle Latex Travel Pillow


  • Width: 290 mm
  • Depth: 380 mm 
  • Low 
    • Height: 105 (high side); 95 (low side) mm 
    • Weight 550 gms
  • Medium 
    • Height: 120 (high side); 105 (low side) mm
    • Weight 700 gms
  • High 
    • Height: 145 (high side); 120 (low side) mm
    • Weight 850 gms
  • Warranty: 1 year        


The perfect little travel companion. The Naturelle latex pillow will help get you the rest you deserve when travelling and won’t take up too much room in the process. Designed for both side sleepers and back sleepers the Naturelle travel pillow comes in three different sizes of which you have the choice to suit you.

Low is recommended for children (plus 6 years), smaller framed side sleepers and all those that only sleep on their back

Medium is suitable for average side sleepers and those that also sleep on their backs. 

High is predominantly used by those with a larger frame who predominantly sleep on their sides.

Naturelle Latex Travel Pillow
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