Ergo Stretch Footrest

The Ergo Stretch Footrest is an Ergonomic Footrest with Foot bar that allows the user to take up multiple positions while sitting at the desk.

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  • Three Height Increments
  • Heavy duty steel
  • Padded leg support
Ergo Stretch Footrest
Ergo Stretch Footrest


  • Width: 415 mm
  • Depth: 315 mm
  • 50 degree adjustable floating platform


The Ergo Stretch Footrest ensures users continually change their position while sitting. It ensures the user is never in a static position for long. It is made of heavy duty steel with a non-skid plastic surface on the platform. It has angle adjustment with three fixed height settings. There is a vinyl covered padded leg support to encourage stretching.

This footrest has been designed to prevent thrombosis and so called “office feet” by encouraging stretching and movement.

Ergo Stretch Footrest

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