Life of a Pillow

When is it time to buy a new pillow?

As a general rule cheap pillows should be replaced every 6-12 months. A top of the range pillow should last up to 3 years.  If you are starting to get neck pain and/or toss and turn this can be an indication your pillow and/or mattress may require updating.Prolonged abnormal posture during sleep is the most common cause of neck pain and disturbed nights.


Mattress Overlays (Toppers)

A mattress overlay is “The perfect choice for significantly softening your existing mattress and reducing pressure on painful joints and aching muscles.”

Is your mattress too hard?    Can’t sleep because of a sore back, hip or shoulder?


Bed/Mattress Sizing Chart

People ask what is the best sized mattress for them.   It is important to find the right mattress for you so that you can get a good night’s sleep.  At Backcare & Seating we can help you find the mattress/bed size that will fit your room or a mattress that will fit your bed.  From young adults to couples and everyone in between, the following list of Australian Bed Sizes is the perfect place to start.