Backcare & Seating is now part of the Sit And Move brand.
SAM Seating Products
Healthcare seating that is supportive with a focus on design.
Healthcare seating
Bedding that is guaranteed to support.
Furniture that has your wellbeing at its core and meets your unique demands.
Dining or Visitor seating
A wide range of sleep accessories with an emphasis on comfort and support.
Sleeping accessories
Seating designed for prolonged sitting but encourages movement.
Supporting people in the home, healthcare and work environments.
Coffee tables


For over 30 years Backcare and Seating have assisted our customers to find real ergonomic solutions that benefit their clients or themselves.  With our integrity and vast experience in the ergonomics world over the years we have built a strong reputation for being ethical, dedicated and passionate specialists.

Backcare and Seating is now part of the Sit And MoveTM brand which means we have access to the latest research, design, manufacturing, assembly and sales teams that span across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Japan and Taiwan.

We can work hand in hand with our customers to achieve the best possible results and transition traditional ways of working to enable movement and interaction within their workspace or home. With our experience we can recommend a full solution and fit for purpose products to suit individual or project requirements.


We believe strongly in innovation.  Sit And Move’s research team travels globally to see what everybody else has seen.  They then think up solutions that nobody else has thought of.  Sit And Move has several patents based on extensive scientific research conducted without any commercial bias.

We then set out to perfect our engineering for the product. If our testing equipment cannot destroy the product, it meets our standard.   We are confident in providing a 10 year warranty on our Sit And Move branded chairs which are built to exceed German, European, USA and Australian standards.


Product lifespan is the time interval from when a product is sold to when it is discarded. The material, quality, design, production, etc. has a direct impact on the use of energy, waste generation and eventually our Planet. Made by SAM chairs have been intentionally designed and manufactured using materials that have a long lifespan and use processes that have a minimal impact on our Planet.

Our goal is zero impact, which we are working towards. All components can be disassembled, repaired and replaced easily. Plastic used is either made from recycled material or recyclable. To encourage the end of use recycling of Sit And Move chairs to prevent waste generation, in Australia and New Zealand please return your end of product lifespan Sit And Move chair.   When we take back any Sit And Move branded chair, we can then disassemble the Sit And Move chair and recycle and reuse the components for a new useful purpose.   Moving forward we are encouraging the suppliers of other brands we sell to offer the same take back program.


We create human solutions to convey comfort, wellness, and security in any environment.  We support people to have a sense of pride in their working environment that increases efficiency and effectiveness in cultivating their own wellness and those around them.

Our portfolio of quality products supports and challenges every convention to develop inspiring spaces.  As we expand and evolve our products and knowledge our priority is always to create experiences that matter for people.

Staying true to strong work ethics, having access to the latest technologies in ergonomics from around the world and a loyal team of dedicated people who share our vision of providing a place that has been designed for the needs of those that use it – regardless of whether they’re in the home, office, hospital, classroom or wherever.

Through our values we are dedicated to providing ergonomic solutions for the benefits of our clients and customers.