Side Sleeper

The Side Sleeper is ergonomically angled to fit snugly between the thighs and follows the natural form of the legs to encourage you to sleep in the preferred side-sleeping position.

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  • Angled thigh and leg support
  • Side Sleeping Support
  • Constructed of 100% urethane foam
Side Sleeper
Side Sleeper


  • Height: 340 mm (large bumper)
  • Height: 230 mm (small bumper)
  • 65mm (narrowest point) x 200 mm wide
  • Warranty:  1 year


The Side Sleeper helps reduce snoring by allowing the soft pallet in the throat to fall to the side. Stop snoring with this quality designed snoring relief cushion. Ideal hip pillow, useful as a post-operative aid to keep legs apart and supported. Helps keep hips stable for side sleepers. The Side Sleeper may take time to get used to.   Its unique design allows enough range of movement to not inhibit circulation. Thighs gently ‘hug’ Side-Sleeper and help prevent the pillow from slipping away during the night.

Side Sleeper
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