BeLatex Mattress

The BeLatex Mattress is made of natural rubber, and has non-allergenic and anti-fungal properties. The uniform, anatomically correct (orthopaedic) support of a latex mattress, ensures a healthy spinal position. Its supportive natural resilience holds the body correctly, ensuring a healthy sleeping posture in whatever position you lie. 

Bed Sizes:

Single Unavailable
Queen Single Unavailable
Single Long Unavailable
Single Extra Long Unavailable
European Single Unavailable
King Single Unavailable
European Wide Single Unavailable
Double Unavailable
European Double Unavailable
Queen Unavailable
King Unavailable

Product Option :

150 mm Unavailable
200 mm Unavailable

Foam Type:

Soft Unavailable
Medium Unavailable

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  • Highly recommended for people with allergies
  • Designed to Optimise Weight Distribution
  • Anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant
  • European Quality Tested – EuroLatex Eco Standard; LGA Durability 2002/740/EC; Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (no harmful substances)
  • Moulds to the sleeper’s body contours
  • Breathable open cell structure for good aeration
  • Long Lasting – latex keeps its elastic properties longer than any other elastic sleep product
  • Soft or Medium Densities available
  • Bamboo out cover with zip & Cotton inner cover
  • Can be used on non-adjustable or adjustable beds
  • Mattress available in various sizes
  • Available in 150 mm or 200 mm (made from 150 mm plus a 50 mm topper) 
Belatex Mattress
Belatex Mattress


  • Thickness : 150 or 200 mm
  • Densities: Soft or Medium 
  • Sizes:  
    • Single: 1900 x 910 mm
    • Queen Single: 2000 x 760 mm
    • Single Long: 2000 x 910 mm
    • Single Extra Long: 2100 x 910 mm
    • European Single: 2000 x 1000 mm
    • King Single: 2040 x 1080 mm
    • European Wide Single: 2000 x 1200 mm
    • Double: 1900 x 1380 mm
    • European Double: 2000 x 1380  mm
    • Queen: 2040 x 1520 x 150 mm
    • King: 2040 x 1830 x 150 mm
  • Note the 200 mm mattress is not available in European Single or European Wide Single


Our BeLatex mattress is breathable as it has an open cell structure that allows more air to pass through it. This means that our Latex mattress is continually ventilated simply through the movements of the person lying on it. The result is a fresh, cool and comfortable sleep throughout the night.   When we sleep, we move about 30-60 times per night and it is important that these movements are not impeded to get a restful sleep. With natural latex elasticity, this mattress gives excellent support in contouring to the shape of your body while still allowing free movement. Natural latex mattresses are anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant and are highly recommended for people with allergies.

Belatex Mattress
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