The perfect and stylish little companion to all sit & stand workstations. By using the Steppie you are introducing movement which reduces a sedentary lifestyle.

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  • Stand for longer periods – a little movement is less tiring than standing still
  • Improve circulation and promote natural posture
  • Activate and train core musculature
  • Burn energy and reduce muscular tension
  • Polyprobelene copolymer
steppie balance board
steppie balance board


  • Depth: 360 mm
  • Height: 530 mm
  • Width: 560 mm
  • Supports up to 200 kgs


The Steppie is a stylish balance board that enables users to stand at a sit/stand solution more comfortably by encouraging minimal movement, which is less tiring than standing still. Improving circulation, promoting natural posture, activating the core all whilst burning energy and reducing muscular tension.

steppie balance board

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