Tempur Long Hug Pillow

The Long Hug Pillow by Tempur® is a perfect companion for both support and comfort. This multi-functional pillow has a variety of applications from a body pillow to a pregnancy pillow; use it as a bolster or a positioning aid; on the couch, the floor or the bed. 

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  • High Density Visco Elastic Foam
  • Firm Feel
  • Removable non-allogenic soft velour cover
  • Replaces need for multiple pillows
  • Full body support
  • Pregnancy support
  • Leg support
  • Lounging Support
Tempur Long Hug Pillow
Tempur Long Hug Pillow


Length: 1200 mm
Depth: 370 mm
Warranty: 3 years


The Tempur Long Hug Pillow has a variety of applications. Besides being used as a hug pillow, it can replace the need for two pillows on a double bed because of its length and can even be used by two people instead of separate pillows. It can also be used as a support pillow when reading or watching TV in bed. On the couch the Long Hug Pillow is an unrivalled companion for support and comfort. The super soft cover is made from high quality TEMPUR velour. There is no need for using a separate pillowcase because the velour cover can easily be zipped of washed at 60 degrees, dried and put on again.

Tempur Long Hug Pillow
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