Tempur Original

The Tempur Original pillow is designed for side sleepers and features uncompromising neck support and firmness.


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  • Removable & washable soft velour cover
  • Firm Feel
  • Allergen & dust mite resistant
  • Supports curve of head, neck & shoulders
  • Composition – visco elastic high grade
  • Sizes –Queen Medium, Queen Large
Tempur Original Pillow
Tempur Original Pillow


  • Depth: 310 mm
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Sizes:
    • Queen Medium: 610 x 310 x 100-70 mm
    • Queen Large: 610 x 310 x 115-85 mm


The Tempur Original Pillow moulds perfectly to the exact contours of your neck and head, giving excellent support and relief to the neck and shoulder muscles. 
The Original Pillow is a support pillow and is recommended for those who desire not only a better night’s sleep but also need a more therapeutic sleep posture. The dual lobe design supports the curve created by your head, neck and shoulders to properly align your spine and give you a perfect night’s sleep.  The soft, velour cover is resistant to allergens and mites and is removable for washing. Available in 2 sizes: Queen Medium and Queen Large. 

Tempur Original Pillow

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