Tranquillow Contour Pillow

The Tranquillow Contour Pillow is available in both Memory & Traditional foam. Carved from one piece of premium grade foam, the Tranquillow supports the neck and cradles the head.The contour of the pillow features one side slightly higher than the other to provide the user options and ensure that personal support and comfort needs can be met.

Foam Type:

Traditional Foam Unavailable
Memory Foam Unavailable


King - Firm Unavailable
Standard - Firm Unavailable
Low Unavailable
Junior - Soft Unavailable
Small - Soft Unavailable
Small - Firm Unavailable
Standard - Soft Unavailable
Queen - Firm Unavailable
Medium Unavailable

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  • Allergy Free
  • Supports Curve of Head, Neck & Shoulders
  • Two Foam Types & various sizes available: 
    • Traditional foam – Junior (Soft), Small (Soft & Firm), Standard (Soft & Firm), Queen (Firm) & King (Firm)
    • Memory foam – Medium and Low
  • Australian Made
Tranquillow Contour Pillow
Tranquillow Contour Pillow


  • Traditional
    • Junior: W: 320 mm x L: 430 mm x H: 80 mm and 70 mm
    • Small: W: 365 mm x L: 560 mm x H: 110 mm and 100 mm
    • Standard: W: 400 mm x L: 590 mm x H: 130 mm and 120 mm
    • Queen: W: 400 mm x L: 590 mm x H: 140 mm and 130 mm
    • King: W: 400 mm x L: 590 mm x H: 155 mm and 140 mm
  • Memory 
    • Low: 510 mm long x 38mm wide x 115 -100mm high
    • Medium: 510 mm long x 380 mm wide x 125 - 110 mm high



The Tranquillow is mildly contoured encouraging the natural curvature of the spine. With a wide range of sizes available in this pillow it can fit almost anybody, from a small child to a broad framed adult. 

  • Memory Low: Children aged 8+, Small framed adults who sleep in any position & back sleepers of any physique
  • Memory Medium: Average physiques, particularly those who prefer to sleep on their side
  • Traditional Junior: Children ages 3-7 - soft density only
  • Traditional Small: Older children, young teens, small framed adults, those who prefer a low pillow & back sleepers - available in soft & firm densities
  • Traditional Standard: Average framed physiques & side sleepers - available in soft & firm densities
  • Traditional Queen: Above average physiques who sleep on their side - firm foam only
  • Traditional King: Broad-framed side sleepers - firm foam only
Tranquillow Contour Pillow
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