Cable Management Kits

Cable Management Kits transform your workplace to be safe, neat and tidy. 

Cable Management Kits are complete soft wiring packages that offer easy access, multiple desk charging options as well as keeping cables organised so that your space will be easier to use and keep tidy and clean.  

Cable Management Kit:

Black Standard Cable Management Unavailable
White Standard Cable Management Unavailable
Black Premium Cable Management Unavailable
White Premium Cable Management Unavailable
Customised Cable Management Unavailable


950mm Unavailable
650mm Unavailable
1250mm Unavailable
1550mm Unavailable
1750mm Unavailable


Single Unavailable
Dual Unavailable

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  • Stylish and modern design improves the overall appearance of your desk or workstation
  • Plug-and-play soft wiring system
  • Adds flexibility and modularity whilst reducing installation time and costs
  • Keeps your desk or workstation safe, organized and clutter-free
  • Improves airflow and prevents overheating
  • Protects your devices from power surges
  • Makes it easy to find and access cables
  • Improves the overall appearance of your desk or workstation
  • Sustainable with re-usable leads and outlets that are easy to install as well as minimise waste
  • Allows for expansion or reconfiguration at minimal cost
  • Customisable Soft wiring selections to suit your workplace
Cable Management Package
Cable Management Package


  • Colour:
    • Black
    • White 
  • Attaches to the underside and/or top of the desktop
  • Compatible with all our power and data solutions
  • Package Configuration: 
    • Single Tier  
    • Dual Tier
  • Size (Tray/Basket Length):
    • 650 mm
    • 950 mm
    • 1250 mm
    • 1550 mm
    • 1750 mm
  • Certification: ISO14001, ISO 27001
  • Upgrades: Daisy chain connection for multiple desks; Customised packages
  • Warranty:  2 years


We have created two Cable Management Kits:

  • Standard Cable management Kits – an option for under desk cable management
  • Premium Cable Management Kit – an option with above and under desk cable management
  • Customised Cable Management Kit -  an option to either add to our Standard or Premium Cable Management packages or create a unique customised cable management package to suit specific requirements that fulfill your needs in creating a functional working space We have created two Cable Management Kits


These packages include a variety of cable management that allow you to have:

  • Multiple charging outlets 
  • Keeps your cables organised to improve the overall appearance of your office
  • Offers under desk and above desk charging with multiple outlets and USB ports depending on the package selected.
  • Options to upgrade to dual systems that can be used to store excess cables and is mounted under the desktop
  • Ability to separate power and data
  • Allows for expansion or reconfiguration at minimal cost

Our cable management packages are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be both functional and stylish.  To keep things simple, we created a Standard or Premium Cable Management Package.  Need something more specialise and flexible, contact us and we can help you create a customised cable management package to suit all your soft wiring needs.

Cable Management Package
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