Cable Management Baskets

Cable Management Baskets transform your workplace to be neat and tidy.   Our Cable Management Baskets come in five sizes, two colours and two configurations.  These single or dual tier cable management baskets keep your workspace safe and clutter free.


Cable Management Kit:

Single Tier - Black Unavailable
Single Tier - White Unavailable
Dual Tier - Black Unavailable
Dual Tier - White Unavailable


650mm Unavailable
950mm Unavailable
1250mm Unavailable
1550mm Unavailable
1750mm Unavailable

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  • Improves the overall appearance of your desk or workstation
  • Cable management baskets come in a variety of lengths
  • Keeps your cables organised
  • Makes it easy to find and access cables
  • Reduces tripping hazards by keeping cables tidy and clutter free
  • Colour:  Black or White baskets with matching mounting brackets
  • Ability to upgrade and add on as required
  • Single or dual cable management baskets tier
Cable Management Baskets - Single Tier
Cable Management Baskets - Dual Tier


  • Colour: Black or White baskets with matching mounting brackets
  • Attaches to the underside of the desktop
  • Compatible with all our power and data solutions
  • Configuration: 
    • Single Tier  
    • Dual Tier
  • Size (Length):
    • 650 mm
    • 950 mm
    • 1250 mm
    • 1550 mm
    • 1750 mm
  • Width:  50 mm
  • Depth: 50 mm
  • Warranty:  2 years


The cable basket is made from metal and has a powder-coated finish that is scratch-resistant with a sleek, modern design.  Available in black or white they blend in and keep all your cables tucked away neatly below the desktop. 

Our Cable management baskets can be teamed up with our other soft wiring options such as adding multiple power outlets and USB ports to make your workplace both functional and stylish.  

To keep things simple, we have created a Standard or Premium Cable Management Package.  Need something more specialise and flexible, contact us and we can help you create a customised cable management package to suit all your soft wiring needs.

Cable Management Baskets
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