Naturelle Latex

The luxurious Naturelle latex pillow is height adjustable and comes in three different sizes.  Its therapeutic design is gently contoured and has a soft yet wonderfully supportive feel.


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  • 100% Natural Latex. 
  • Anti-bacterial mould and dust free
  • Extra 20mm layer for more height if required
  • Three different sizes
  • Therapeutic design with gentle contour for superior support
  • Cover Inner: 100% cotton jersey
  • Cover Outer: 70% cotton/30% polyester
  • Latex is naturally Bio-degradable, renewable and sustainable resource. 
Naturelle Latex Pillow
Naturelle Latex Pillow


  • Length: 580 mm
  • Width: 380 mm
  • Sizes:
    • Low – 105H (high side); 95 (low side) mm
    • Medium - 120H (high side); 105 (low side) mm
    • Large - 145H (high side); 120 (low side) mm
  • 20mm extra height layer (removeable) with all sizes


Naturelle latex pillow features an extra 20mm layer to give you the option of two height positions.  The extra layer can easily be removed or left in place depending on the height requirement you need.  This pillow comes in three sizes – Low, Medium or Large – and all feature the extra comfort 20mm layer. 

Naturelle Latex Pillow

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