Contour Forearm Support

The use of a Forearm Support improves posture, reduces fatigue in the arms and hands, reduces strain on the upper back, neck and shoulders and prevents inadvertent wrist extension.  The Contour Arm support has been designed to maximise comfort whilst working long hours at the keyboard by automatically creating a neutral ergonomic posture that relaxes the users upper back, shoulders and neck.

The Contour Forearm Support provides a balanced support to both the left and right forearms at the same time when sitting at a desk computing.

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  • Supports both forearms and wrists
  • Allows for neutral positioning of wrists and arms
  • Correctly positions wrist when mousing
  • Curves around body to provide extended wrist support
  • Reduces wrist extension allowing wrist to remain neutral
  • Supports weight of arm
  • Easy installaltion and attaches to most straight edged desktops
  • Easy to clean padded leatherette surface
Contour Forearm Support
Contour Forearm Support


  • Width: 610 mm
  • Thickness: 22 mm
  • Depth: 190 mm
  • Desktop Thickness: 25-44mm for attachment
  • Clamping system: 19mm range
  • Leatherette surface


The Contour Forearm Support was designed to minimise over-reaching at the workstation, whilst providing maximum ergonomic benefit.  It comes with a low profile so that it can be used in conjunction with any Roller Mouse and/or almost any keyboard

The Contour Forearm Support is a desk accessory which offers the user relief to the neck, shoulders and upper back when working at their computer.  It is easy to install to any desk with a thickness of 25-44 mm with its easy to use clamping system without the use of tools.

The symmetric design of the Contour Forearm Support accommodates an even cushioned support to both right and left forearms.  The leatherette surface can easily be wiped down for easy cleaning.

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Contour Forearm Support
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