Posture S'port

The Posture S'port is unique because it anchors around the waist and not only straightens stooped shoulders but brings your entire spine into proper alignment. 


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  • Three sizes – small, medium and large
  • Can be worn over clothes
  • Assists the wearer to bring entire spine into alignment 
Posture S'port
Posture S'port


  • Available in 3 sizes - measurement is around the waist.
    • Small: 55 – 75 cm
    • Medium: 75 – 105 cm
    • Large: 105 – 135 cm


The Posture S’port was developed for those who required an over the clothing support to assist the wearer to bring their entire spine into proper alignment. This support is easy to put on and remove and requires less washing. Constructed of durable elastic and nylon. Available un 3 sizes and designed to be fully adjustable to cater for different torso lengths and shoulder sizes. 

Posture S'port
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