Therapod is a fully adjustable orthopaedic back support system engineered for the human spine.  The Therapod adjustable support system is built into Orthopod Chairs by Therapod and the Therapod X range of seating.

Sit back on your Therapod chair  or Orthopod Chair by Therapod and raise or lower back height and position to suit your body type.

While you are sitting in your Therapod Chair or Orthopod Chair by Therapod, have someone unzip the back and adjust the straps for you.  The straps may be tightened to increase the support required or loosened to reduce support.  

To tighten the strap, pull out on the strap and then across to attach to the velcro.  To loosen, lift off the velcro and release the strap.  If you want more pressure in a particular part of your back, then pull the strap tighter in that area.  If there is too much pressure in a particular area of the back try the following:

  • loosen the strap in that area; or
  • tighten the strap above and/or below the area.

If you are still having trouble adjusting your Therapod or Orthopod chair please do not hesitate to contact a staff member for further instructions.