Sitt-On Wedge

The Sitt-On Wedge is a lightweight traditional foam wedge designed to tilt the pelvis forward to bring your back into an upright position. Promoting proper posture and enabling longer periods of comfortable sitting. 

Support Option:

Regular Unavailable
Firm Unavailable

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  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Removable & washable cover
  • Available in Traditional or Traditional Firm foam density
  • Nine-degree angle
  • Australian Made
Sitt-On Wedge
Sitt-On Wedge


  • Depth:   400 mm
  • Height:   90 mm (Front) to 100 mm (Back)
  • Width:   400 mm


The Sitt-On Wedge features a 9-degree angle which encourages correct pelvic tilt and therapy reducing spinal strain. Available in either Regular or Firm foam density. Ideal for chair or car use, increasing the height of the seat and assisting those seats that are too soft or have lost their shape. 

Sitt-On Wedge
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